Complaining about blogging is redundant as it is hypocritical. I am going to do it anyway because I’m just not in a good mood. I don’t get like this often but when I do I just have a tendency to kvetch. So this is the tail of mother’s day and I just want to go home and sleep. I’m really not tired but this is also the tail end of my vacation and while I thought I would end up bored and ready to go back to work at some point, that is not the case. I think I would like to have a freelance job where I worked from home. I like the idea of that kind of freedom Sadly, I do not thnk I have any talents that would merit me working from home. So it goes I suppose. The thing of it is that I have no motivation to do anything that I don’t get paid for and while that does not neccessarily make me a lazy person I just cannot normally devote the attention required to do something that I could just as easily not do. This is why I don’t update my gaming blog and why I won’t update this one. Maybe I am just lazy.
The reason I created this blog/journal (whatever) is because I do like to write about my life once in a while. I had my now gaming blog to do this but I converted into the, never updated, gaming blog. I do use Twitter which I do really like and that I do really use but I just wanted something to write longer, well thought out entries into.
I was justly recently discussing all of my problems with my body with Cindy and my mom and why I never do anything about them. I don’t think that I do anything about them because I procrastinate the issues as thusly never do anything about them. My back has been in some sort of pain for the past three years, my right eye has had some sort of dry flaking going on around it for the past year or so. My right knee has lately been acting up as a result of running. I am broken and decrepit at twenty-three years old and well, that sucks. I can take care of all of these problems but I do not for no good reason at all.
I guess this is the end of my first rant just because I have no other thoughts at the moment. Goodnight everyone.


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