sorrow hearts

I do not really know how to feel about what is happening at this very moment. There is a weight on my chest that only tomorrow could possibly (and only possibly) cure.

I received a phone call this morning from a fellow partner (SBUX term). The call was short, stressed and stressful. It was about how I basically did not do something that I should have known to do at the drop of a dime. In my defense, I was panicked (no excuse really) and I did not know what to feel.

The situation:
A customer threw a drink back at another fellow partner after some rather tame (IMHO) words were exchanged. I should have stepped in but the last thing I expected was what happened. Who would expect that really? Words like that are always exchanged with customers (though they really should not be) but this time the consequences were dire. What was I to do really. I was not thinking about what could happen to me as a result. I was only really thinking about how she was crying and freaking out (and all I wanted was for her to stop).

So now it looks as though I am going to bite the proverbial bullet on this one because of my lack of discretion and my general inability to see what was the real right thing to do in this situation (step in and then properly file the Incident Report Form). The worst case scenario in my mind is that I’ll be canned (honestly doubtful) whereas the realistic approach is something I’ll be written up for. Have that pink piece of paper in my file will just be a consistent and persistent reminder of why I am not yet an Assistant to the Manager: a) I just do not have enough experience, b) I have an inability to act in a difficult situation. The final and lesser outcome would be that I am just spoken to (which I do not feel like I deserve). I honestly feel, about myself, is that I would be of much better use in a place or environment where things like this did not occur everyday. Sadly though, that is not the world we live in.


5 thoughts on “sorrow hearts”

  1. A customer threw a hot beverage at a fellow employee, and you’re getting in trouble for not filling out the proper forms? What is this, Brazil?

      1. Oh, haha, I didn’t know I was so non-specific.

        I was meaning to the customer that threw the drink. That’s just unnecessary. There’s no need to get that pissy over coffee.

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