…don’t try to resist, you’re coming with us…

For all of those looking to see resolution of my problem there is not yet one. Today, at work, was just fine. There were no issues to speak of but my conflict probably will not see resolution until my manager returns from vacation on Monday. I have calmed down about it so I will update that as it progresses.
In lighter news, I had a regular customer compliment me on my work ethic and also offer me a job today. I went by after work and we spoke about positions available, pay, etc. I am excited about this possibility and I could possibly leave Starbucks for this. It jitters my nerves but I am a firm believer that things occur for a reason (to an extent). I started going over the vast possibilities in my head and I have myself riled up for something so vague. I don’t necessarily feel that this is a bad thing. To be honest I think I have been looking for a  way out and I think that this could be it. I love my job but I don’t know if I like the direction that the company is going in.
I also spoke to Harry today for the first time in what feels like at least two weeks. I do not think he really “got it” but he attempted an apology at least. I still do not feel strongly about where he is taking himself but he is happy and I need to learn that as long as he is is happy, I should be happy for him. We’ll see how that turns out.
The Penny Arcade game released today and so far I am amazed by it. It is like one long ass laugh out loud session. I’ll have my further comments after I beat the game.
Lastly, I began “Snuff” today and I like the way this one is written compared to “Rant” which was god-awful.


3 thoughts on “…don’t try to resist, you’re coming with us…”

  1. Right when I looked at the website and the music started playing, Geoff arrived at my house, and was very confused as to what I was listening to. It was a funny scene. Either way, after just briefly looking over the site, I’m kind of wondering if you’d fit in there? I’ve never seen you as a hair kinda guy, or as some kind of Zohan character, but hey, if it’s a better job and you want it good luck.

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