Ripped Knees

This morning I discovered that everyday I am spending at this job (at this moment) is just becoming a mountain load of stress. I am not talking about stress in the traditional sense but just in the form of actually being anxious about my day to day routine. It got to me pretty badly this morning and this is what I wrote down in my journal:
I am battling a depression today. I know I’ll be fine once I leave work but I think now that I have been offered a way out of this job, every day here becomes more depressing. Just this act of touching pen to paper makes me feel much better. I am working through this just hoping that this cup of caffeine helps me overcome.
The cup of coffee did help. I perked up not long after that and got into my normal groove of getting stuff done. Work from then was business as usual (no pun intended).
After work I went over to Ricky’s to hand in my application and I was immediately given an interview for tomorrow at 3.
Cut to the train ride home where something went wrong at one of the stops (but I had passed out) and I woke up to find that the train was running express because of the aforementioned problem. I walked home from Kings Highway station (not far) and proceeded to try and beat Penny Arcade today. Alas I have failed, though I am close.
To be perfectly honest, I was into this entry when I began to write it and now I am done.


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