This is just a quick update before Indiana Jones starts. I’ll edit it after the movie to add a “review.” This also only the second update from my iPhone, the other one being my first.

I am currently resuming this entry the following day after the first couple of sentences were written. Apparently I did not have a lot of time to update before the movie actually started. So here is my review:

Let me start of by saying that I loved the movie. It was an Indiana Jones movie and it had everything that I had come to expect (one example being the “famous” map sequences). The movie flowed perfectly and I never found myself bored or saying, “WTF,” to myself. They did something strange and supernatural as they tend to do and it did not have anything to do with the bible. They did something different and they did not fail. One complaint I do not understand that people have about the movie is that they used CG. I have to say that I was worried but while I knew where CG was potentially used in the movie, the use was so seamless that it could not possibly ruin the movie. The movie was great and the CG just served to enhance that awesomeness (great word, I know).

I myself only have a few complaints about the movie and they are foolish because they are easily explained away. Okay, I only really have the one complaint and that is that I could not believe how old Indy looked. It was awkward at first but I did quickly get over it. Yes, I know that they easily explain it away but it did not change the fact that it took me half of the movie to find that it did not bother me anymore. One other qualm is that I do not know if anyone is taking any one liners from the movie other than, “I like Ike.” If you know of any, let me know.

Other than this review what really got to me yesterday was work. Of course. I was asked to come into work early for a separate issue. This I did not care about. A co-worker had to bring her kid to work because her babysitter was give her a load of crap about not knowing that she had to babysit. So since we cannot have umm…babies at work, when I got there she had to leave. Again, something that I did not really care about (cute baby though). What really caused all of the problems in the day is that Patrick (a shift who had put in their two weeks notice) called out with pink eye. I like the guy but he does not have pink eye. He worked the night previous. Make up a better excuse dude. As a result of this whole fiasco I was alone on the floor with one other person for three and a half hours. I was still fine with this. When I was not fine with it anymore was when it was actually threatened to me that I would actually have to stay and close the store. I almost flipped out and since I was already out by that time, I walked out of the store. I ended up going back not ten minutes later to give the shift that did not want close (and who was basically throwing tantrums about it) the keys. I apologized for walking out and then proceeded with the rest of my day. Le Sigh.

I have nothing else to leave you with other than my word of the day:


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  1. There are plenty of quotable lines from Indy 4! “WHY AREN’T YOU TELLING HIM TO GO TO SCHOOL?”

    And there were no big WTF moments? Seriously? Like.. I dunno.. maybe when he survived a nuclear blast in a fridge? Honestly, I love Indy too, but that was a big WTF. And Shia swinging like Tarzan through the jungle with his monkey buddies? There were some big WTF moments, but it was still enjoyable none the less. Unlike some people, these things made me say WTF but not in a way that ruined the movie.

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