I was doing good for a while there, updating everyday.

The most recent, interesting, part of my life started with a dream Sunday night going into Monday. I had a dream that my Grandfather died and I woke up sobbing. This does not happen often but it is usually something deep rooted into my psyche and occurs at random. Or so I thought.

In the middle of the day yesterday I received a call from my father and he told me that my Grandfather had passed out again (the second time in roughly two weeks). I was freaking out until I received the call that he was okay, that he was going home, and that he would be going to a doctor today. I need to call and check on how his test results went but I did call him yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday (go figure).

Today was just another day at work where I felt ‘meh’ for at least half of the day but it ended up being an okay day. I talked to my boss about my ASM (Assistant Manager) position and she said that she wants to have me at that in the next six months or by the end of the year. That cheered me up.

I came home to read a good 100 pages in book 7 of Harry Potter (yeah finally) and I am enjoying it. I then proceeded to play some Ninja Gaiden Black and make it further than I have made it before. I am coming for you Matt.

This is not a very well organized entry and I apologize but I just wanted to punch out something before bed. I have to OPEN again in the morning. YAY!


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