weekend update w/ extras

I am trying to figure out how to begin this entry or more importantly where to begin this entry. I think that I will begin on Saturday where Matt and I beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance on hard (because of his awesome game save). As a result I got a lot of achievements that I do not think that I really deserved (Matt is a lot better at this game than I am). Cindy, Matt and I then proceeded to play Scene It LCA which I am apparently really awful at (I attest this to the fact that I just did not get the questions where I really would have shone in). We later went into Harvard Square (which I would probably just call Boston and be wrong about it). We (implying Cindy and I) picked up Plans on vinyl. I’ll pick up Narrow Stairs on vinyl when it becomes available soon.

Saturday night was Drunk-Fest and while I could have had more to say about it, is there really a point? If you want to know and you were not there just ask. Cindy was there and she wrote about what matters.

Sunday was a down day but days that I have to leave anywhere are always down days. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was very pleased with the outcome because it fulfilled all of my expectations, simple and plain. The only event that did not care about in the end is that Harry never used Avada Kedavra. I am probably the only one who wanted to read it that had not read it up until now. I am surprised that it did not get spoiled for me (I either was not listening hard enough or no one cared to spoil it for me). It was a little disappointing because I wish all books were this easy to read.

Today I woke and finished watching Hellboy: Blood and Iron: the second of two animated Hellboy movies. I am definitely going to pick up the two pack when it comes out in July.

Work was brutal today but not for any specific work related reason. The woman who previously threw a drink at another partner (who actually did turn out to be the manager’s friend) came in today. Right at that point I already felt the anger tearing at me but it intensified when my manager did not put the fat bitch in her place. If I did not value my job and if I did not need the money I would have lost my job today. I later told my manager this and also added that I felt personally slighted against (for myself and any other person who worked at my store). She did tell me that she had taken her friend outside and spoke to her about it (her friend apologized).

I did receivea call back for a second interview at Ricky’s but I am going to decline the offer because I value my position at Starbucks and I am certain that I will be an assistant manager sometime very soon.

I really do apologize for the segmented entry once again and one of these days you will receive a beautiful entry that will stun you at the very sight of it. And with that I bid you all adieu and goodnight.

P.S (EDIT) – Two more things


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