Today should bring about a concise yet well stated entry. Last night I decided after I spoke to my father that I was going to go to Long Island so that I could visit my grandfather in the hospital. He was happy to meet with this news.

So I woke up this morning and decided that since my knee has been feeling alright that I was going to take a quick fifteen minute-or-so run. It was nice but I did notice the pain in my knee returning. It continued to annoy me the rest of the day but I have decided that I will probably run again tomorrow but I will take the pain killer before I run. It will still only be a fifteen minute run but I feel as though I need to build up myself, and my knee, again before I tackle anything big.

So I showered and fiddled about a bit as I got ready to leave. Here is where I have a legitimate question though: Sometimes when I am getting ready to leave the apartment to go and do something/anything (usually when I am alone) I feel that if I get ready too fast that I either have a load of time left or that I have clearly missed something. Does anyone else feel like this? I don’t know. Anyway, I booted up my Xbox in order to put N+ on my memory card so that if I had a free moment I would try and beat the level/episode that I was stuck on for months. I cannot really explain my whim to play even though I just love that game altogether. I almost managed to miss my train as a result of fiddling around.

I caught the train and listened to The Penny Arcade podcast. After I finished that I was already on the LIRR on my way to Copiague. I started to read Walden based on the fact that I was just in Mass but I fell asleep because I don’t think that I slept enough last night. I got there soon enough and my dad picked me up.

When he picked me up we rode around and then went to Chipotle to eat. We then went to Starbucks across the street to meet my mother for lunch. And with that I am going to have to go to sleep and finish this entry tomorrow. Goodnight folks!

P.S – If you actually cared to notice, I do think this one flows a bit more.


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