Today was not really an interesting day at the job so I’ll just skip that part and go to the meat of my day. By the “meat of my day” I mean the events or actions that took place in just a few short hours. Okay, I am building this up to be something that it is not so away we go. I got home to find that my Netflix movie came which was, “The King of Kong.” It was really very good and I was exited to watch it. I expected to fall asleep because I was tired but I did not, I watched with rapt attention. Like I said it was really good and I was left hating Billy Mitchell whom I only knew a few things about before I saw the movie. I recommend it to anyone who either has a remote interest in video games or documentaries of any kind. I then played some N+ which I really love despite it being so hard.

Cindy then met me downstairs so that we could go check on some cat stuff at Petco. On the way back we decided to order pizza. We went to my normal convenience store to break a twenty and I found out that the guys there ordered Bawls Energy Drink for me. That is a cool story that I do not feel like telling right now. In fact I’ll talk to ya’ll later. I know I still did not update the rest of my entry from the other day but I will.


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