The first thing that I have to say about this weekend is that it is hot and when it is hot out, I leak profusely from every pore in my body.

So I guess the weekend started after my hellish ten hour Friday at work. Keep in mind that I was only was supposed to work for five hours and I had things to get accomplished. I was really upset that these things did not get accomplished but everyone will fully understand that reasoning in the next week or so. I slept on the train ride home but probably because I was just so damn exhausted.

I relaxed a bit when I got home and then packed up Rock Band and other things. When Cindy got home we ate and waited for Matt to arrive. When Matt got here we went to White Castle and he got a crave case (he’s got a thing for White Castle). We were solicited by two panhandlers when we were in there (go figure, great neighborhood). Then we were on our way. It was a fun drive (I love road trips) but I do not think I can say the same for Matt (though I can thank him). I was the proprietor of White Castle, meaning that every so often I would hand him a burger. He made it through eleven before forbidding me to give him anymore. We were taking all the scenic routes through everywhere which was not awful but we later learned how to remedy that situation (just changed the setting from shortest distance to shortest time).

We got there about a half hour or so after the predicted time which was just fine though like I said Matt was delirious. It’s funny because I did not fall asleep the entire way there (which was longer) but I fell asleep on the way back. We just relaxed a bit and everyone was just talking and settling in and then we all went to bed.

Saturday was the eventful day of the weekend (depending on who you are). All of us (Kara, Whit, Matt, Cindy and I) went to Sonics for a reason that I do not think that I need to state. I’d been before, but in South Carolina. It was a first for everyone else I think. From there we went into Philly which I feel like took longer than it should have but it was fine. I guess I can state the purpose of the whole weekend here which was to go to a Kurt Halsey art show. We got to meet him (he is a nice dude) and he signed things for us. He was a very genuine person which you just do not see often anymore. Before any of that we took a walk through Philly to go to a record store that Matt wanted to check out. It was a long hot walk but after a period of time, you just stop caring how hot it is because there is nothing that you can really do about it. When we got there the only thing I considered buying was an Arctic Monkeys vinyl. Their selection did not tickle my fancy but I don’t think I was really looking for anything in particular. I can grab the AM vinyl another day, it isn’t hard to find.

It was on the way back from Philly that we figured out how to change Stella’s (Garmin GPS) programming. She was a lot nicer to us then but I still hear that she sent Matt through San Andreas again on the way home. We had Pizza Hut and beer when we got home and then we played some Rock Band. It was fun and the funniest part that I took away from it was that no one wanted to sing and Whit kept saying that she was done, yet she still kept coming back. Later we fell asleep to Zoolander but for some reason I kept waking up because I was either hot or uncomfortable in some other way (damn couch).

When we woke up we played some more Scene It! (and though I did not mention it, we played a lot throughout the weekend). After that we basically packed up everything and headed out. We made a pit stop at the diner and had some most excellent breakfast. The trip back was quick even though we made a pit stop to grab some snacks. We also made a stop at Matt’s old college which was really cool looking (the mother f’in castle!). Before I knew it we were home and that is pretty much the weekend as a whole. Thank you for sharing this with us (damn black suit). Please remember to have your pets spayed or neutered.


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