july the fourth of the year two thousand and eight

If we were solely going to talk about the day that the subject line mentions then it was a perfect day. It was my best Independence Day yet. The only thing that could have made it better would be that more people could have attended (I was thinking about you Matt; In that platonic non-gay way).

To preface the day, Cindy had picked up a BBQ for me the night before (a cute little Weber one), because lord knows I absolutely had to have one or for me the holiday would have been borked (the definition is for Cindy because she made me feel weird for using it).

To start off the day we headed to a little British fish and chips place call the ChipShop for lunch. I was told to try the vegetable Shepard’s pie and we all experimented with deep fried Twinkies and Mars bars (also fried). This is probably the best tasting thing that one could possibly consume but it would rack right up there with the most heart attack worthy foods. After that no one could really imagine consuming any food and I know I was worried because it felt like I was carrying around a lead baby in my stomach. In case you wonder why I was worried it was because I needed to cook on my BBQ and I needed people to eat.

So finally at a much later point in the day, I proceeded to get my cook on. I won’t include many details for I am tired but it was awesome. I got my man on. Whatever that means. I did underestimate how hot the grill was because the burgers were a little overdone in my opinion (but then again I did not eat them). We had grilled corn and the veggie eaters ate veggie burgers. All in all it was spectacular. After eating we all headed into the city to catch the fireworks.

Here is where my opinion of firework shows comes in. This particular one ended anticlimactically but then again they all do for me. I could stand there for what would seem like hours and in the end, when they were over, I still do not think that I would be satisfied. There were some fantastic cube shaped fireworks that were quite cool but that was about it.

So that was really it for the fourth but that was all I needed.

And then the rest of my weekend sucked. I was in a down mood because I had to work and then Sunday morning, after everyone left and right before I went to work, I cried. And I cried a lot. And I never cry like that. It has to have been years. That is all I have to really say about it other than I felt better afterwards. It was a culmination of everything.



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