more than an update, less than a journal

Recently I have seen a few movies that I do not think that I have mentioned. They are: Wall E, The Dark Knight, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. They were all great but Wall E has my nomination for best kid’s movie of the year and The Dark Knight has my nomination for best movie of the year. In short, if you have not seen them, see them all.

Other than that I have not really been up to much at all. I have still been reading Snow Crash (which I still suggest). I am somewhere in season seven of Smallville. I am still in the middle a Green Arrow comic written by Kevin Smith. I just finished The Killing Joke and I just finished the most recent issue of RASL. I have Paprika sitting in front of my television (not yet watched). I still have not beat BF:BC (really quite weird really). Oh yeah, I have also been working a metric-fuckton (the later being the reason that I am behind on everything).

Now there is a reason I have not provided links to anything in this particular post. All of these things are of the content that I love the most so if you care enough to find out for yourself, have at it (either that or you already know).

My Twitter always know all of these things first.


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