I make myself update more often than not. More often than not I find it to be an incredibly ardous chore. I choose to do it because I feel that it, perhaps, makes me a better writer (and maybe someone wants to read it). I put almost no effort forth and I hate my ‘style’ of writing. I pretty much read everyone’s ‘styles’ and hate mine more for it. When I say that I put no effort forth it means that I scrutinize every detail to the point that I am frustrated and end up finishing up the entry in a flurry of nothingness.

So what have been up to lately? I just found my FictionPress account. What is in there is funny and I thought that it was good enough to put up there. It was not but that was three years ago.

This past weekend was fun. It was a birthday drunkfest for Matt and it was most excellent. Everyone was there and if you don’t know who everyone is then check Facebook because there are enough pictures.

I finished Snow Crash which was absolutely phenominal. It was about a technological future that like anywhere else has problems. I would say that it was somewhere in the vein of The Matrix but that does not really do the book any justice. After I finished that I started reading a series that Matt suggested to me: The Twelve. I have also been reading Green Arrow: Quiver, acutually written by the talented Mr. Kevin Smith. I know that as soon as I am in the right mind I am going to have to read Watchmen because, well, everyone has read it.

The only gripe I have had lately has had, of course, to do with work. I am just sick of so much. I have been fine with it lately and have been content to be a part of the ‘rebuilding’ process of my store. But as per the usual there have been things to sway my opinion on the matter. My manager took a vacation this past week and in place we had an ASM from another store take her place. He is my age and while I cannot neccessarily say that he was my favourite person he woke me up to a few points. He further confirmed in my mind that my manager just cannot do some things. The only real force that she has going for her is her power to be nasty and intimidate. She is good with people but it is more of an off-the-clock type thing. She does not know how to properly order things. She does not know how to balance out the good with the bad and whenever something is happening it is the end of the world. There never has been a progression of change with her. It is more of a change-or-else ultimatum situation and everyone goes along with it. Lately though, she has been loosing employees like flies and I think she honestly wonders why. ::raises hand:: ‘I know the fuck why!’ I vented to a barista recently (Saturday morning) about this situation which is completely unprofessional but at this point I really do not know what else to do. When I had to work on Saturday morning instead of being in Acton I was livid.

Anyway I’m done with this as you can see the passion in the last paragraph. Good night folks. “Come all you weary!”


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