I have begun to have a revelation about the type of blogger that I am and how exactly that affects my status as a writer. I have primarily noticed that I only have the inclination to update when I have something “proverbial” or “big” to update with or just when I feel like being intelligent or witty (which is pretentious). I really do not find the need to write a long entry (which is why I prefer short form Twitter entries) about the meaningless tasks of my days (though I tried it for a while) and I think that it stems from the fact that no one cares (or should) about what peanut butter sandwich I had for lunch today (though I did have one before leaving the house today). I like to write in short concise thoughts because it is visually and mentally stimulating to myself and what I would like to think were other people. If someone could come away from one my concise entries with one clear thought, then I had accomplished what I was trying to do all along. I obviously write here so that perhaps someone can see my thoughts and then perchance take away something meaningful from it. But does it have to be drawn out to make the point or to be clever? I think not. See here you have taken something away from this that is truly “Nate” (because I am ranting; I am up on my soapbox) and just because I do not say these things out loud does not mean that you did not want to know about it (but I would be willing to bet that you did not care about the peanut butter sandwich). And so if this particular entry ends up being something longer than I would normally write would that make me a hypocrite? Again, I think not. I am only putting here what I feel like needs to be “written” down in order for me to more comfortably sleep tonight. Could I have written it down in a more personal medium. Yes, but like I said, just because I have written it down in someplace remotely private, it does not mean that I did not want anyone to see it. I do happen to find myself particularly intellectual at times and if on this occasion I wanted someone to see it and say, “Wow Nate, cool thought,” I do not think that that would be too conceited of me (or maybe it is and you will, and can, call me on it).

The other thought that I was having tonight is my problem with always having to be right about things and always having to have the last word. All I have to really say on this subject is that it is not really worth it in the end because it will have really never got me anywhere. Take for example, I pride myself in my video game and all things related knowledge; I know that I know more about the business and life of gaming than anyone I personally know (yes, conceited) but claiming that does not make me any cooler or really an authority on the matter, it just makes me an asshole for pretending to be someone that I’m really not. Another asshole comment that normally comes out of my mouth: “I only play 360 but I know about the business of all of the major three players in the gaming industry so I am not just a 360 fanboy.” But I am, because just for the reason that I know about all of the other companies does not mean that I do not root for the 360 at every turn. But again seriously, at this point, all I care about is that the 360 remains a viable gaming platform and that they continue to turn a profit so that I will continue to be able to play games on my console of choice for years and decades to come.

Onto another thought now, and my last one for the night. I have considered writiing reviews, thoughts, and impressions of games, books, movies here on this blog but I figure my normal banter of, “Check out (insert game/book/movie here),” will suffice just nicely. I will safe all the former hub-bub for when I have a job at Joystiq.

Now for the editing of this entry before I fall off to sleep.
Alrighty, done.


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