I’ve been doing quite well at my new Starbucks. Things are consistently looking up but I do not want to say what I am getting and when because at this point it always seems like someone is telling me, "five more minutes." It is not that I do think that this is going to come to fruition it is just that I know that there is a lot of politics behind promotions. I’ve been quite busy at this new store but I am grasping it which is all that matters. I have been told by the people that will promote me that, "if I can make it ‘here,’ I can make it anywhere."

Otherwise, the game that I am currently addicted to is Viva Pinata and just because of the game content I could not tell you why. It is happy colorful and candy-coated but that is pretty much only the outer shell. When one gets into this game they quickly realize that not many kids would be able micro-manage all of these actions. I feel like it is an adult kids game or one only an adult would play with their kid. It feels like a Sims game to some extent in that same sense that you have to know what is going on at all times. But in other game news I have picked up Too Human and I like it despite its flaws. That is all I will say about it until I finished the game proper.

I have also been watching Heroes in anticipation for the new season. Last night I started watching a web series called the Gemini Division which stars Rosario Dawson and Justin Hartley. It is interesting, though I have only seen the first few episodes.

I have not been reading because I am just not in a booky mood. I think I am going to pick up Kevin Smith’s book for a good laugh. That is all for now. I will speak with all of you at a later date and time.


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