Today is the first day off in eight days and I am really doing nothing with it. So far with this mass amount of free time I have:

1. slept in
2. watched a new super secret loaded trailer
3. listened to the new oasis album… again (hint: it’s fantastic)
4. had coffee, yum

I am obviously going to boot up the Xbox but I have not brought myself in that general direction yet. I hope to actually make some progress on Too Human today because the amount I have actually played it is not quite sufficient. I can tell that I am going to behind on my gaming this holiday season also.

Work has been shit tons of fun in a totally not shit tons of fun way. I can handle all of it but what is annoying is that I am now going back to my old store because they are in a crisis situation. Fun Fun. That is all I have for you today, there is nothing really on my mind.


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