First Update To The New Blog

I figure that it is only fitting to keep with the idea of “firsts” and let you all know, or all of you that know me, that today I had my first run in over a week today. It was most excellent and it just felt so good to be running once again (it really felt quite freeing).

For those of you that do not know I am training for a 5k in May. I have been really looking forward to it and naturally I was discouraged when I pushed myself too hard and my knee took a hit for it. I took a week and a day off to rest/ice my knee and yesterday I was told by one of my customers (owns a running store) and Mykel that it would be a good idea to run on it while continuing to ice it and take Advil. I was so stoked.

So today, just a half hour ago, I had my first run. Like I said… awesome.

I took it nice and easy and while my knee was a little tight/sore it quickly began to loosen up; my whole body began to loosen up (I have been feeling a lot of tension in my shoulders since not running). I think it helped that I was listening to the new Decemberists album while I was running (amazing album BTW).

All in all this is looking good and I am looking forward to my run tomorrow.


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