Life as of Late

The past few days do not hold any particular significance in the realm of interesting subject matter. The weekend was relatively uneventful; it was filled with work, errands, and most important, time with Cindy.

Work has been boring but uneventful except for the time on Friday when I was left wondering if karma would come back to haunt me because I did not let my co-worker leave for the night and have someone else cover his shift. He said he needed to do a paper for his English class (which obviously gained some sympathy from yours truly) but that he had been putting it off. [Ed. note: He has since finished the paper.] The reason I did not let him leave is because the person that he was going to have cover his shift, well put simply, I can’t stand that person. I feel bad enough about disliking working with this person as it is. It is just that she is overly ditsy and she cannot remember how to do something that I taught her the day before (and she has been working for six months and learning the same things over and over again). Enough about work though…

Errands that Cindy and I took care of on Saturday were normal ones ranging from looking at art supplies (an art project for Cindy) to going to the movies to see Adventureland. It has occurred to me that I call any task fun or not an errand (Note To Self: work on that). The movies were a good time.

Adventureland was great. It has been a year since Cindy and I last saw it (gloat gloat). It was good as I remember if not better.

The only other thing that I have personally been doing is playing The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai which is a butt ton of fun. I also sweat when I play which is gross. It is one of those combo heavy games that has you smashing buttons and getting generally worked up. Like I said, I like it.

My run yesterday was strenuous and I had pretty bad cramps in my chest and in my stomach. Other than that it was a great run in the sense that am making progress every day.

That’s all I have for you folks. Talk to you later.

I had written this post yesterday on the train on the way to work. I thought that it would be a relatively uneventful day but it was just a crappy day at work for me. I got two write ups which of course ruined my day. I gave my boss the cold shoulder which as Cindy can attest to is a hard thing for me to do. I have since stopped being a child and apologized to her. I’ll talk to you folks later.


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