A Quick Little Diddy

I don’t feel much like updating my other blog at the moment so I figured that since I just feel like typing, this is where I would go.

Do you ever have that need? To type just to have your fingers hit the keys but without the need for it to mean something important.

Lately life has been filled with a lot of drama drama is not the right word but it has been full of a lot of stuff that I wish it did not have to be full of. I do not really feel like it is fair to bring up the actual terms of this to the parties involved but needless to say it has something to do with the details of Cindy and I moving to Mass. We are still moving there so don’t go getting any ideas.

And then blah blah something about a dog goes here. Basically today was supposed to be much more fun than it was but I am okay with it because it still looks like it is going to happen. At the end of the day I had taken a run only to end up napping afterward. Cindy and I got pizza for dinner and watched “Let The Right One In.” It was a nice foreign film with a good story. If nothing else it was good to appreciate the different pacing of the movie compared to American filmmaking.

Well that is about all for tonight.


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