Charlotte Charles aka “Chuck”

As you are reading this I am probably hand feeding my new “daughter”. She is quite the rambunctious little one. I am in the midst of cleaning under the bed (because she likes it under there) and making sure that she pees and poops on the wee wee pad (she is doing a great job). Right now she is eating this little box house that I made for her and she is chewing on my old Early November hoodie that I put in the box as a bedding material. I think that she knows that she is cute.

She is also curious about the cat (Toffee) but right now the cat is not having it. I think Chuck is going about it a little to aggressively for Toffee’s taste. The funny thing about Toffee is that she hates to leave our room (mine and Cindy’s) so Toffee will have to be the first one to get used to Chuck (that does not mean that she is going to go about it happily). I let made Toffee get out of the room for a few minutes so that Chuck could poo in peace (which she did (high paw)). I have since let her back in and she (Toffee) went right back under the bed.

Chuck has calmed down a bit and I think it was because the cat was making her nervous about going to the bathroom. Now she is asleep on the bed next to where I type.

Lastly, if you did not catch it from my Twitter, this is our girl:


Edit: Updated some spelling errors that I managed to miss in my excitement.


3 thoughts on “Charlotte Charles aka “Chuck””

  1. Awwww, she’s cute! She definitely looks like she has more Pitt in her then the picture of the other puppy that CJ sent to me.

    1. I agree, but for me that is not such a bad thing seeing as I was begging Cindy for a pit. I inadvertently got what I wanted. Sorry Cin.

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