Dog Day(s) 2

It’s tough, I won’t lie. The only time I am able to anything at all is when she is sleeping (ex. right now). It is cute that she likes sleeping in this cardboard box house that I made her when she clearly sticks out at every end (in my head she was not as big as I initially thought). I am going to get her this bed that Cindy and I saw in the Walgreen window (10 bucks is not bad). Today should be the last time we have to spend much money on her other than more food and some shots this Saturday. Our priorities are clearly out of whack seeing as we are spending more money on her in just a few days than we have spent on ourselves in the past few months. It is okay though, do not worry about us.

But back to what I was originally talking about: It is tough. Today she had her first “sit” lesson which she did fairly well in other than the fact that she might have been a little too excited for the treats. I am confident that she is going to have this one down in a matter of days. I also am beginning to attempt to leash train her (she does not like it). The biggest problem we still have is that we cannot consistently get her to go to the bathroom in the same spot (right now she goes where she is supposed to about 60 % of the time). She will get there but it does not prevent me from being any less nervous about it.

So far it is fun, it is a challenge, and most of all she is a puppy and she is so damn cute.


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