A Post About Nothing…

… or everything, that is, if you believe that what I am about to say should be true.

I believe that certain foods that we have to prepare ourselves should be linked to some magical kitchen hot-key (i.e. peanut butter sandwiches). I believe that I should be able to press and button and BINGO, a peanut butter sandwich pops out (provided you have all the fix-ins because I’m not lazy).

I feel strongly about this because it would be making such an arduous process (granted it is not hard and again I am not lazy but it is just downright annoying).

Does anyone feel the same way? About what foods in particular?

Granted this is a ridiculous idea but at the very least I should have the option of picking up prepared Pb&j sandwiches at the supermarket. Come on Smuckers, get on it.

...nuff said.
…nuff said.

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