Late Night Thoughts

I am in a funk. I have been feeling less than myself since Memorial Day Weekend “ended” for myself and Cindy. It always ends up being this way when elongated social sessions finally come to end. I feel like I am going to die without them but these funks usually only last a day. I am going on three.

Cindy and I do not have friends that live close but after these awesome weekends that we tend to have I always wish that we did. To me there is something so awesome about walking to Turkey Hill in the morning with your friends to pick up a cup of coffee.

And then since I have been home I have had this huge feeling of dread hanging inside of me about going back to work. My first shift back was fine enough but the whole time I just kept thinking about how I am not enjoying this field of work anymore. I need something different where I can be paid more or at least be paid what I think that I should be making.

I used to feel essential at my job and for the past few months I have not been feeling the same way. I feel like they could do without me and I feel like I would be better served being somewhere else. We’ll see I suppose but my attention span is waining so I am going to check out and go to sleep now.


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