I have been better since my last post.

So it is late at night, as usual. I just got home from work (roughly half of an hour ago) and the mind is racing. This is not necessarily a bad thing because they are all good thoughts.

I have been feeling accomplished this past week because I have been pumping out posts on the other blog like it was actually my job (I wish, hehe). It has been fun and like usual I have seen a dramatic uptake in traffic. I wonder if that is because the usual people (friends, Twitter followers, etc) click the links more or is it because it gets more hits in a search engine somewhere. I think that when the blog is moved over to Word press (that’s here!) I will have a better idea of where the readers are coming from and all that jazz.

Okay so I was meaning to write more but right now Metalocolypse is flashing all over my walls and that means that it is time to go to sleep. I don’t know know why it means that but it just does.

My goal by the end of the week is to use the word pejorative in a post, here or on the gaming blog, but not in any sense that would be in reference to disparaging an entire race. I want to use it to describe how I may be feeling about something possibly work or gaming related. I do not know yet how it is going to work but that is why it is a goal.

Okay… so I am getting into some weird midnight ramblings… it is time to go to sleep.

Nate out.


One thought on “I have been better since my last post.”

  1. I didn’t know you were switching over to WordPress. There are some advantages and disadvantages to it. Ask me sometime and I’ll bounce ideas around with you.

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