Isn’t it already enough that I do not want to be working for Starbucks anymore.

My boss wants me to be more aggressive in my line of work.

Seriously I heard my manager asking another co-worker (a fellow shift) if she could help make me more aggressive towards other employees, bums, etc.

I spoke up and said, “Really?”

I obviously know this is a weakness of mine but it isn’t going anywhere.

Every day I care less.

It was refreshing to open today but I seriously walked out after hearing that.

Someone find me a job that doesn’t require I be an asshole on a daily basis.

I guess this is just another reason I have been angry lately.


One thought on “Rants.”

  1. I think there are other ways outside of being aggressive to get things done and to get people to do what you want. Granted, sometimes it takes a little push, but I don’t think you need to go out of the way of who you are to get stuff done. She shouldn’t be making other coworkers push you in that direction. If that’s what she wanted from you, she should have asked or said something to you directly.

    Sorry work is shitty for you right now. 😦

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