Movies and The Good Life

(Written on 06.17.09) I have been extraordinarily contented with life lately and it truly feels like a 180 from just a week or so ago. The only thing I am displeased with is the severe lack of writing that has been taking place. The gaming blog has taken a hit for it and although I update this blog much more infrequently I have been meaning to write this post with my most recent thoughts for a few days now.
I have had the privelege of seeing both Year One and Away We Go within a few days of each other and I have to say that I liked Away We Go much more. While I do not know the context of the poor reviews (that I heard that Away We Go got) I do not understand the context for said reviews. It was an emotional romp that Cindy and I fit cozily inside of. Yeah it is one of those.

(Written today 06.21.09) It is four days later and I still have not been able to write much of anything. I have not figured out how to adjust my new work schedule to be conducive to a writing environment. It is not to say that I cannot do it, it is just that when I get home I want to be in relax mode and that does not even normally involve touching my computer. I am so behind in news but I also know that there has been a lull after E3 so I am not really worried. I am concerned that I haven’t updated the gaming blog because I feel like I am only doing myself a disservice.

Cindy and I also – finally – saw The Hangover and it was great. It was definitely quite funny and original. It felt different than the stupid humor that something like Year One brings along. It feels clever, witty, funny, and fresh. I know it sounds like I am hating on Year One – I did enjoy it – but I did like it, just not as much as most recent comedies that I have seen.


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