Lately I have been struggling to find time to do anything but what has been taking a hit the most is my running. I have not run in three days and today will be four. Last time I ran it had been a full five days since I had run and I felt it when I ran four days ago.

I have been reading a lot – the book I am reading now is Boomsday – and I have been playing a lot of Battlefield. The book is great and Battlefield, well, if you do not know then you clearly do not play it or read what I have to say about it in the blog.

For the past three days I have been listening to the new Arctic Monkeys album Humbug (it is quite amazing and I will have to review it when I have a bit more time). I have some time before it actually comes out so my review will still count.

I have also been struggling to watch Battlestar Galactica and I have been failing at that pretty miserably. I have not watched an episode in a good three weeks. I am stuck in the third season between some filler episodes near the season’s end.

I finally started updating the gaming blog again after almost a week without a post. I feel bad about myself if I do not write something each day, in either blog. I feel like this is a skill I consistently need hone to keep it sharp.

Nice talking with you.


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