It is in one paragraph because it is one continuous thought.

I am aware that I update on such a frequent basis that you know so much about me and my day to day routine. I assure you, I am just like you (really quite boring). But since we last spoke I have secured a promotion at my place of work. Not much is different but the changes come slowly. A few sentences into this post and I was already distracted by Twitter. I wanted to see what people Tweet about when it comes to Citizen Kane which I finally watched today, for the first time, since I had the DVD from Netflix since June. I ended up getting caught up in the “Balloon Boy” phenomenon for about twenty minutes which speaks wonders about my attention span. I think I spent just as long searching for that link that you may or may not have clicked on. Anyway today was a mellow, rainy day off spent playing video games and watching Citizen Kane. I think I am in a mood.


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