I’ve made no time to write in the past couple (or is it few) days and though I feel a little bummed about falling off of something I had set up for myself to do there is no use crying over the lack of spilled words.

It was a packed weekend and though I typically do not get to experience weekends like the rest of the masses this one felt oddly “normal”. Saturday was spent shopping and hanging out with Cindy in the city and even though I worked on Sunday morning I still managed to go out to eat and see a Broadway show with my parents later in the day. After all was said and done I was worn out.

Saturday had a late start but eventually Cindy and I made our way to Union Square in order to work our way south through the rest of the lower Manhattan. We stopped at The Strand (a bookstore), a Halloween store (hoping that they would have some sort of Christmas decorations), and then K-Mart. We were looking for ugly sweaters for a Christmas party this coming weekend (Cindy had luck and I didn’t – yet). I then dragged Cindy over to this really sweet Jewish place and while we ate our Knishes we watch a Quidditch match – yes Quidditch. We wandered into another bookstore before making our way to Kidrobot to look for even more Christmas decorations. We then made it to my personal destination – UNIQLO – to buy thermal clothing and by happenstance find myself a fashionably ugly sweater (I am stoked to show everyone). We then took the train to 42nd Street in order to fight the horde of tourists to make our way to the Disney Store. Lastly we made our way to the om nom Shake Shack where we lived in food heaven for about an hour before we called it a day and headed home. The day last about eight hours – an exhausting eight hours.

On Sunday my parents took me to see Million Dollar Quartet. It was a fun show about Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis. It had its boring moments but overall it was a good experience. We ended the night by going out to eat at Mustang Sallys – an alright sports bar and grill that normally houses football and hockey fans seeing as Madison Square Garden is two blocks away.

Exhausted just reading about it? I am just thinking about it.


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