The Holiday Season

This the first Holiday season in a long string of them where I can actually feel the sprit of it. Sure there are a lot of contributing factors but then it is always the little things that matter most.

From the beginning of this season I knew I wanted a real tree for Cindy and I. I’ve never had one. I grew up in the house of the plastic tree (nothing wrong with them but it isn’t real) and always wanted to smell the real scent of pine wafting through the house. Cindy grew up in a strictly Jewish household so the only tree she ever had was the dinky pre-illuminated tree we bought two years ago that the cats kept knocking over.

We decided to walk near her old neighborhood (we do not live far from where she grew up) to see if any of the places that we remembered selling trees, when we were dating, still sold them. Hint: they all did (and more).

We decided on a 6-footer from a nursery trusted by Cindy’s mother in Cindy’s formative years. Then we carried it roughly twenty blocks home. I still have the sap on my coat to prove it; I would not have had it any other way. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is. As an added bonus the cats and dog are also obsessed with it and it has not fallen over yet.

This year we also decided to get each items that we did not know the contents of until Christmas Day. The first one came in the mail yesterday and now it lays neatly wrapped underneath the tree too big (love it though) for an apartment. I am so excited for her to open it; it really is all about the giving.

We’ve been out shopping a few times – a few more than previous years – this season and I swear you can feel the spirit of the season surrounding you. It feels like the first year where the recession is – at least temporarily – a distant memory (for most I hope). From the smell of the cold crisp air to the Black Friday lines going around the block everyone seems to be all holly jolly – or whatever. I always find that I am perceptive to these kind of things so it feels good to have these feelings flooding in from all sides.

This weekend we are also going to be blessed with the company of friends and – hopefully – the new holiday tradition of getting together, wearing ugly sweaters, and exchanging gifts – Yankee Swap style.


I always wish that the holiday could last for more than just one day and this year I think I may have finally got my wish.


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