Something normally reserved for that other blog…

It has been a while since I posted something back on good ol’ Best GamePad Ever and this is normally the kind of post that I would reserve for ‘over there’. The last post was sometime in September and it was a post about Duke Nukem – a post that now that I look at, is sort of ironic to go out on. Perhaps I will make a post over there when the game actually comes out (hehe, nerd joke).

Now it would appear that I am not playing games as much anymore – in fact that is exactly what is happening – and I do not think I have anyone to blame other than myself.

Attempting to decipher the reason should not be that hard. I normally blame my job for these such non-game-playing occurrences and while the job definitely diminishes my time for playing it isn’t the sole or even real reason I have been playing barely at all. I haven’t been wrapping my hands around the controller too much as of late because I’d rather be doing other things. SHOCKER.

I have been so wrapped up in writing here so that I can get my book writing back on track. I have also been doing nothing other than reading; as Stephen King said his book On Writing, and my remembrance here might slight differ than what is actually written, the only way to hone your craft is to constantly be reading and writing.

I have gone through several such of these phases since reading the book (I’d honestly have to say it is the most inspirational book (for me) that I have ever read) and I am giving it my all to stick with it so that you might see my name in lights one day. Okay maybe not in lights but perhaps a standee of my newest novel in your local bookstore.

I have been playing Epic Mickey here and there but when I last played it on Tuesday I stopped after only about a half an hour because I just wasn’t feeling it. This is not to the game’s discredit. I love it. It has everything I love from platforming to the obvious – Mickey Mouse.

I have also been quite enamored with PAC MAN CE DX – what a name!

Today though I think I will play Battlefield Bad Company 2 so that I get be ready when the Vietnam expansion comes out.


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