The Friendmas/TRON Legacy Weekend

Cindy and I shipped up to Boston this weekend for a couple of reasons. The first was to see Tron Legacy and the second reason was planned around us visiting for Tron: Friendmas.

Friendmas will likely become a new tradition based on how well it went over this year. Friendmas is defined thusly as: the gathering of friends before the official Christmas holiday in which the parties included wear ugly sweaters and exchange gifts in a Yankee Swap.

Three of us, including myself, purchased Growlers (64 oz. “Sampler” of any beer on tap) at the Harpoon Brewery in anticipation of the Friendmas gathering. I picked the Leviathan IPA – a fruity and strong beer with a ABV of 10%. Needless to say I was the most drunk on this occasion. I didn’t finish the whole Growler, I had about three quarters of it.

The gifts from Friendmas that we left with were an Edward Cullen “Barbie” and a board game called Smart Ass. Cindy was more than thrilled that she finally owned a Twilight doll [Ed note: insert sarcasm here.]


The other highlight that belonged to this weekend was Tron Legacy. The movie was brilliant. The effects were gorgeous and the story – though basic – was good. The soundtrack (which I am currently listening too) is awe inspiring.

We came home and watched the original Tron for the first time. I had never neglected to watch it on purpose, it just never happened. Now I cannot wait to see Legacy again.

Tron Legacy IMAX 3D
The numbers below were for Disney Movie Rewards.

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