Happy Christmas

So here it is – Christmas – and it is almost over. In a few short days the year will be in the year of  2 ought 11. Perhaps I didn’t get that ought thing right.

So yeah, another year to reflect on what we have and haven’t accomplished and prepare to set new goals. The holidays are a depressing time of year once they have passed and I felt a little of that this morning. It has since passed but the sentiment lingers.

I opened my store this morning and because of a Doctor Who specials marathon (RIP 10th Doctor) I only nabbed four hours sleep.

Perhaps it was this or something else but I was left with a sense of despair. Cindy and I had already opened our presents last night so that excitement was gone. It was Christmas day and I knew that it would pass before I knew it even began (here we are at the end of it) and to top it off I was working though I don’t really think that was a contributing factor other than the lack of sleep.

What really gets me is the fact that another year is coming to an end and though I started on a book and have been running more than any previous year I still feel discouraged and like I haven’t done much with my years (all 25 of them).

The New Year will be another year of new beginnings and I look forward seeing writing a book to completion. I have also set the goal for myself of reading fifty books this year though double that would be even better.

If you haven’t already listen to Christmas Lights by Coldplay. It is a beautiful new holiday song that will forever embody this time of year for me.


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