It’s Snowing.

Sitting here witnessing the surprise snow storm. I only heard about the storm yesterday and now, 24 hours later, there is almost half a foot on the ground. The snow is blowing sideways pushing two foot snow drifts along the sides and corners of everything.

It is beautiful from the window, perhaps a bit scary in all of its chaos, but step a foot outside and tiny crystals of ice cut into your face and there is nothing that you would love more than to be inside eating a grilled cheese and sipping a hot cocoa. Perhaps some soup would do nicely.

Cindy and I had a wonderful experience of this blustery winter wonderland – one day too late for a White Christmas – while walking the dog to park so that she could romp around in her favourite weather. The dog might as well think that the sun is shining because the only only difference for her is that she goes from drift to drift, sticks her face in, and comes out with a full mouth and face full of snow. For us, Cindy and I, snow feels like tiny daggers pricking the skin until the affected area is raw and numb.

When we got her to the park she ran back and forth for about 15/20 minutes. Toward the end she became tired and disoriented, yelping in frustration when we wouldn’t play with her in the manner her heart desired. For her I do not think it had the desired effect because it resulted in her adventure being cut short.

All in all it was a fun little night in the snow – for us and the dog.



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