The Snow on the Ground Day 3

It is the third day after what some New Yorkers have dubbed the Snowpocalypse of 2010. The streets of Sheepshead Bay still remain unplowed and all service to trains has been restored. Oh wait. All train service has been restored other than the lines closest to me: The B, Q, and N. I find it hard to believe that the MTA do not have the resources to keep a from being crippled. It would appear though that they do not; most people who commute have some sort of unlimited card so the MTA is probably not losing a lot of money.

Today I will walk to the F train, for lack of a better option, in order to get to work. For myself and other residents of Sheepshead Bay that rely on the trains for everything there is a feeling of abandonment – by the City and by the MTA. Yesterday was my second snow day since high school and hopefully the last one for a long time. It sounds ridiculous but cabin fever begins to set in when there are no options of leaving your neighborhood.

It is clear that our mayor, whom I’ve had no problem with until this point, and his offices were unprepared for a storm of this magnitude. At this point I think the city’s sanitation department is waiting until the snow melts; I don’t think they can or will be bothered to plow our streets.

As of yesterday it actually looked like the MTA was plowing the tracks of the Q line (I live across the street from the station) but we have yet to see the line functioning at any capacity. The previous day one worker was shoveling the platform. Any effort that has been made is either unnoticeable or hasn’t had any clear benefits to the residents of this area.

All priority has seemed to fall on making sure the true tourist destination – Manhattan – is clear and navigable so that the money can continue to flow into New York’s business while the secondary citizens in Brooklyn are left to twiddle their thumbs. You know, for lack of any other option. WAKE UP CALL: A lot of your Manhattan workforce lives in Brooklyn assholes (being the NYC departments responsible for all of this).

I’ll cross my fingers for a proper ride home and perhaps a plowed street when I come home from work – in Manhattan – tonight though if the past couple of days are any indication I know that it is a fool’s hope.


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