Topic Jumping

It’s been a few days, no?

Nice to see you again.

I’ve been thinking about writing so much that it actually escaped me to actually write anything down. I am probably the only one to which this happens.

I’ve been a bit stressed for the past twenty hours so I haven’t really been thinking clearly. This obviously has more to do with me writing right now than me not writing for the past however long it has been. I’ll go into this another time in the near future.

RANDOM: I need to clean my glasses and can’t switch to not wearing them on the fly. Everything comes at kind of a slant for a little while when I take them off. That and the fact that since wearing them since mid-November I now notice the things that are blurry when I am not wearing them.

This happens sometimes when I leave the house without them, usually on a day off, and I notice that I am not wearing them when I stare off into the distance – as I am prone to do.

Right now I am trying to finish a book that I have been reading since mid-November (seeing a pattern here). The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein is a book that examines how shocks (economic, physical, etc.) are used to control governments and how this pattern is repeated everywhere from Chile to Iraq. I like it a lot but it is dense and can be hard to get through at times. I have finished 5 (4 of them on my Kindle) other books since starting it. I am now devoting all of my reading time to finishing it.

Nice topic jumping, no?


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