Snow Saga 2010/11

That’s it I am dubbing this winter as the Snow Saga 2010/11. We’ve experienced 4 or 5 snowfalls and two of them (last night’s being the second) have been astronomical by NYC standards – Central Park got 19″. At a point it was snowing in 49 states; it feels like the next ice age is coming.

The TV tells me that this is the 6th worse snowfall in a century and we already experienced the 5th worse on December 26th, 2010 – we all remember how that went. This is the craziest snow that I can remember since ’96 when a friend and I had the pleasure of making a fort out of a 10-foot snow drift. I imagine that the side of his house (where the drift was) has looked the same in these huge snowfalls and thinking about it makes me feel nostalgic.

This time though NYC refers to go into HOTH status as I hear snowblowers running and plows going by. The trains are all running again albiet with delays.

However, for me, it did not go off without a hitch: I was supposed to open (my store) this morning and the trains (all that run above ground – often referred to as the system extremities) were out of commission for three hours (better than three days). I will still be going in to work to close because my manager was able to get there to open the store (and he was the original scheduled closer).

At least I’m not trapped and at least it isn’t 7 degrees out like this past Monday. F’in winter.


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