Today is the second restless day in a row – also the second day off in a row. It is also the second night in a row where the sleep has been less than stellar. I don’t usually have this problem with sleep but these past two nights it just seems that I have been sleeping rather lightly.

This morning is worse than yesterday because I feel like I am in an extraordinary amount of inexplicable pain. My neck, my legs, “ughh,” is how I feel.

Otherwise it is February 2, 2011 also known as groundhog day. The results are in (begins eye roll) and he hasn’t seen his shadow (eye roll comes full circle) and though he is only right 39% of the time this means: SPRING! It is the first time I can recall this happening and though I don’t know how they factor these statistics I just think that it is funny because we just had this nice ice storm in the middle of the night.


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