Baby Kowal in 2011!

This may or may not be news to you (Hint: it’s probably not news) but there will be a Baby Kowal in 2011. I do not think I can possibly convey to you how excited I am but I can try.

On the day to day time is dragging but when I look back at everything we have gone through in just the past month it baffles me at how quickly time passes. We are already half-way through February and that means that it is only a month and a half until our next sonogram. The baby will be cantaloupe sized at that point (thank The Bump) and if Cindy and I decide that we want to know the sex of the baby we can find out! In my mind that last part come out as a childish squeal.

We have started a registry on Amazon (you can just search Cindy Kowal or Nate Kowal and you’ll find us) more as a checklist of things that we will need (or want) when the baby is born and already that is a bit of a nerve wracking experience. It is at these moments that I realize that we will be supporting another human life. Myself – a crazy nerd child inside – will be… well putting all of that crap into another human brain like some metaphorical sieve. Maybe that whole thought process is a bit crazy but it is constantly going through my head.

Yet another thing that has been discussed ad nauseum are girl names. We’d prefer a boy for the first child (Think: boy boy boy) but alas personal preference tends to not factor into these matters. So yeah… we’ve discussed girl names because we know what we’d name the boy (not telling). Last night we nailed it down (also not telling) and now with that bit of uncertainty out of the way we can concentrate on the million other important things.

Last night we were in The Gap looking for new pants for Cindy and the Maternity section is, of course, right next to the Baby section and we happened to wander into it. There were such cute little baby jackets and bear outfits I wanted to start a list of clothes right then and there.

The first sonogram was amazing because I saw and heard the baby’s heartbeat and I saw it move. He or she has a tiny little spine and a tiny little everything (another internal squee)!

I can and I can’t wait and with that I leave you with this:


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