Weather and Positive Things

I’d like to say that yesterday and today start the season off the right way and that it looks like it is going to be a long and glorious spring but that would be wrong. If you check the forecast for the next couple of days this is what your left with: 41 on Sat, 42 on Sun, a warmer 46 but raining (so it’ll be a cold rain – still rain (which I love) but not my favorite) on Mon, and back down to 35 on Tues with a rainy, snowy mix. After that it is in my opinion that it’ll be too far to gauge but if I am to believe the Wednesday forecast things won’t get much better.

At least we have today – right? Well, yeah. But if you have to work the closing shift at Starbucks – like I do tonight – then your day will be less than stellar because all you will have to deal with is Frappuccinos like crazy. I don’t anticipate leaving work on time tonight but at least I have tomorrow off.

I did get to run yesterday. I’m a bit sore today having not run in something like three weeks. I’d love to run today but my morning schedule, especially this morning when I want to write, just isn’t going to allow for it.

Well on to more positive things. I am taking a forward step with my writing once again and collaborating with someone at work. I am excited to put some of myself into this because it is almost easier to write because in the end I don’t have to own it. That sounds really bad because I am excited to be working on it. I just feel less responsible for it so I am not nervous about writing it. Everything is coming a lot more naturally.


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