An Experiment…

I WANT TO try an experiment. i want to write the chapters of a book one by one and post them here on my blog. this way  you’ll all BE FORCED TO read my material and tell me what WORKs and what doesn’t.

naturally YOU won’t really HAVE TO read what i write as i don’t have that kind of power. if I did i would just make you all like what i write and DEAL WITH IT. it would be exceedingly easier but arguably less fun.

at this current juncture I AM having a problem with what i write FEELING FORCED. i am going TO WORK on coming from a natural perspective and hopefully that is what you’ll get to see here.

I can’t PROMISE any sort of release schedule but my regular posts will continue. I KNOW how YOU all thrive on what i have to say.

did i have something else to say here? meh, PROBABLY SHOULD GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN.

that was fun.


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