Better Confidence

The best way I can assess this past winter is boiling it down to one word: depressing.

Don’t freak out or worry about me but it was the first winter where I can clearly remember having the winter blues.

I didn’t run a lot – I can probably count the amount of runs on two hands. I did write more than I usually do but that was a forced motivation combined with a lot of mood changes, etc. I have also been reading more than I normally do because I have a clear goal in mind. Also using Shelfari I have found out that I am behind on my pacing. If you guys are book readers you should join and add me as a friend.

Anywho. I seem to be out of that funk. I am running more because it is getting warmer. I am generally feeling better (but that could just be the running :/) I am going to be using the free week at NYSC that my good friend Ashley gave to me. I also think I am going to start doing Yoga.

Exciting times!

I think this can only mean positive things for my writing as well. A clear mind can only lead to inspiration – right?

Just a random thought that just came to me but perhaps a love story?


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