A Change of Pace

April 16, 2011 – Central Park – On a quiet soggy morning – not yet raining but overcast – you can feel the chill in the air bite through the air and snap at your bones. The only cure for a morning like this is a cup of hot chocolate from Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Cafe.

The event is the Parkinson’s Unity Walk more commonly known to its repeat attendees as PUW. It’s the 17th annual walk and it is also the first year that Starbucks will be offering their volunteer services as well as a coffee service for all volunteers and walkers. The promised attendance: 10,000 people. Would there be enough coffee?

The cold proved too much for some as the Starbucks tent was easily one of the most popular. Coffee and tea (while the hot water lasted) were served.

If you listened over the din of chatter surrounding the booth one could hear the subtle pop pop of lids being constantly pressed on to cups. More than one person uttered the words, “Thank god for you Starbucks.” A slight overreaction? Maybe, but the Starbucks tent was nevertheless an unmitigated success.

As the walk ended, the participants and volunteers began to walk away. It began to drizzle as though the rain was waiting for the walk to be over.

April 17, 2011 – Long Island – The Kowal Family Passover turned out to be a huge success. There was a lot of love in the house. In attendance was a newly engaged couple, a brand new couple (just 5 months but extraordinarily happy), a couple expecting a baby girl (I’ll give you one guess).

A lot of dirty jokes were told by the unlikeliest of people. Pictures were taken. One can only imagine what the following year will bring. A marriage? Definitely a baby. Another engagement? Who knows.

Monday, April 18th’s Stats:

3-4 hours spent playing the Gears of War 3 BETA

52 minutes spent running 6+ miles

1 doctor visit for Cindy (sinus infection & minor bronchitis)


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