Vacation Wrap-Up

This is the first image that came up when I Googled vacation. This is not where I was on my vacation. I was home and today is the last day.

I sometimes feel that the last day of vacation can be hard to enjoy because you are already thinking (and perhaps worrying) about going to work  the next day. So here I sit, drinking a cup of coffee

and reflecting back on the past week.

I’ve run once this week – that was Monday. I have plans to run today though only the passing of the day will see that happen or not. I’d like to think that today will be the most productive of all of my vacation days.

I wrote once – Tuesday – though you’ve probably already seen that. Again, today being the productive day, here I am – writing. I can hardly write on my own schedule let alone anyone else’s.

I began Under The Dome by Stephen King, my first King book since Carrie, and I’ve only managed to read 200 of the 1000 or so pages on this vacation. Perhaps another fifty or so will be read today but my goal of finishing it on this siesta proved too daunting. I am enjoying it though.

I saw two movies this week: Scream 4 and Water for Elephants. Scream 4 was great. If you loved the originals and want to avoid any spoilers I’d suggest seeing it as soon as possible. Water for Elephants was also good though I don’t think it would have been the type of movie that I would seen without having read the book. It was a typical love story – after the halfway mark – and the story is rather predictable. What made the book so great is how it was written and that doesn’t translate to film. The movie was still enjoyable to watch though and I didn’t hate it which is usually typical for me when reading the book and then seeing the movie. Robert Pattinson even put on a good performance!

Alas the thing I spent the most time with this week was playing Portal 2. I finished the single-player campaign (on PS3) and began it again (a bit more than halfway through on my Mac). I also played some of the co-op campaign yesterday with Kara. I am thoroughly enjoying and it and am finding it quite funny – intentional or otherwise.

And that is my vacation. Boring? Maybe. It was ultimately relaxing though.


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