Weather and Physical Shape Edition

So I had one day of work before another day off. This is the life, right?

Tomorrow I have another day of work and then another day off. The rest of the week will be exceedingly less exciting as I work the rest of it.

It is getting warm out and by that I mean that we seem to have skipped spring and gone directly to early summer. It is already incredibly humid and at least for me it has done nothing to alleviate the symptoms of pollen in the air (i.e. sometimes my nose just runs like a faucet).

So I’m sitting here with the A.C. on, still drinking hot coffee – though if were at work I would be drinking iced – like it were spring, and I’ve discovered that I do not have a lot to say other than complaining about the weather.

I do not think I’ll run today (need to heal) but in the past two days I’ve run 13 1/2 miles. I also discovered after my run on Sunday that I had managed to pack on some winter weight (go ahead – roll your eyes) but I had been noticing it in the mirror but didn’t think I actually gained anything other than an aesthetic winter belly. It was disconcerting for me as I don’t think I’ve actually put on any weight since college (Wah, Wah…woe is me).

So now my goal is to get myself back into top physical form, ASAP.


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