Another Day, Another Run

These are two containers of the many ounces that I have poured into my body today.

I ran again today with Matt – again at Prospect Park – attempting to finish two laps around in 91 degree heat. We made it about 5 1/2 miles – more or less – before the heat proved to be too much.

Matt said it was nice to have a near death experience, a joke, so you can imagine what kind of heat I’m talking about.

What really gets you is the humidity. You feel like you are surrounded by a fog of heat when you finish running and the breezes are so few and far between that it literally feels the wings of angels brushing up against your skin.

So now I’m sitting here with three animals sleeping in the bed next to me (as you can see in my previous post) and I think I’ve decided to read my book – The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Perhaps I’ll get around to playing a little L.A. Noire today but I can’t be entirely certain of that until I am doing it.


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