I missed two days.

Where do they go?
From SheepsheadBites.com

Between my anniversary yesterday (3 years and the last one before baby!) and somehow not updating on Sunday morning I missed two days of updating. Cindy and I had an anniversary dinner at her favorite restaurant – Red Bamboo.

I didn’t get to tell you that on Sunday morning I woke up at 6am to run with Matt again and we made it two full laps around Prospect Park. It was significantly cooler out which contributed greatly.

I didn’t run yesterday but I have one stashed away in the back of my head for today – as long as I get everything else accomplished. The way the day’s started I might not but we’ll see.

I mention the way the day started because I got stuck reading about my neighborhood’s history – Sheepshead Bay – for an hour or more. Do I call it my neighborhood at this point? I’ve been living here for almost four years. Anyway when reading all of this fascinating information that started at this point I just kept thinking about creating historical fiction set in 1920s Sheepshead Bay.

When it comes to writing, a lot of the time before I even put anything down on paper, I am mentally set in a noire or early 1900s setting. Something about the past history of America fascinates far more than anything in modern times does. The idea that I can create a novel set in the past while being here in the future is the closest I can come to time travel.

So speaking of noire I have set my mind to finishing the main story of L.A. Noire in these three days I have off in a row. I lost interest somewhere between the repetitious nature of the game and just generally being terrible at reading people in the game. I also want to move on to the next game which will be one of three things: Child of Eden (the likely one), Infamous (a free game I got from PS3’s Welcome Back program that I will play sooner or later no matter what), and Duke Nukem Forever (which is getting terrible reviews but I had a feeling that after ten years something about it had to be wrong). The one that I probably will play on rental is obviously an easy guess: Duke Nukem Forever. I had or perhaps still have an attachment to Duke Nukem 3D so naturally, for a long time, the idea of a new Duke game was exciting. I didn’t expect much but I at least expected to want to buy the game but alas its piss poor review scores have swayed me from that decision. The game I will most likely pick is Child of Eden because it will be my first Kinectexperience that I have been looking forward to. The troubling thing is that it came out today and all of my favorite (and the ones that I trust) review outlets do not have reviews up. I’ll probably pick it up anyway.


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