Another Boring Ol’ Recap

On Tuesday evening I ran in the pouring rain. Sometimes there is no better feeling; it feels like being born again – other than the water running down your nose being annoying. Toward the end of the run the rain tapered off and my clothes dried slightly and re-wet with sweat. Disgusting, right?

Personally when I am running there is no greater feeling than sweating because you can savor it – you know you’re working hard. Or it is just hot out.

Yesterday I had an ASM meeting which I presented my (how to explain this) well, basically I presented my knowledge that I’ve gained in position showing that I am ready to be promoted. I haven’t presented anything publicly since college and while I felt my voice waver once or twice I was alright for the most part. “No embarrassment, just keep moving,” is something that I tell myself. The mature part of me knows that in these situations there is no point in being too nervous. So I’m growing up in some aspects?

That took up most of that day off. Today is the last day off of three days in a row. So now I’m writing a bit, listening to this Freelance Whales album that is quite reminiscent of The Postal Service. It’s the first thing in three weeks I am listening to other than the Arctic Monkeys.

I’ll definitely being playing Child of Eden today – my first real Kinect game – which is already making my right arm hurt a bit. This is because in order to fire one weapon you have to lock on to targets by hovering over them and then pushing your arm outward. The other weapon – your left arm – you only have to hover over enemies. The music the game plays as a result of your movements is amazing.

The two other games I might dabble in today are L.A. Noire (need to finish it off) and Halo: Reach (because I always will be and always will wrap myself up in something Halo related.

Notes: I discovered the Freelance Whales from this Starbucks ad that is quite cute and moving. What do you think of making items that I am talking about bold.


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