Captain America dabbles in Fiction and discovers Pottermore

20110624-112348.jpgThis cup doesn’t make me want to see Captain America any more than I already do which isn’t actually a lot. I have been talking about this a lot lately but I am burnt out on superhero movies and think a lot of other people are as well as their numbers at the box office haven’t been what the studios have expected them to be – blockbusters.

I am seeing X-Men (today should be the day if all goes well) but as Cindy would be able to tell you I’m not really super excited.

What I am excited about is Pottermore which I swear I was the last one to know about but of everyone I know I am the most excited for. I think everyone else expected it to be new material but it is just a new way to experience the Harry Potter book series. I think its great but what do I know…I know that I’ll have Harry Potter books on my Kindle. Can’t wait. And who doesn’t want a Harry Potter social networking site?

Last night I wrote something fictional when I was upset. The story, or beginning of one, is based in reality but yeah – it’s entirely fictional – thankfully. I don’t even want to read it right now. I think I remember it well enough. What’s funny enough is that it is better than anything I’ve written I a long while. I remember that at least. The character is believable, you can feel the passion, the hurt, etc. I don’t know though that I want to continue the story or even if I could without feeling like I did last night.


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