The Interview of the Year

So in just a couple short hours I’ll have an interview that may or may not be for the store manager position. No, if I get it, I don’t know where I’m going. I’m not sure if I’m nervous though in reality I don’t think I should be. I know the job but I also know myself. I perform well under pressure these days but in my head “performing” like this freaks me the fuck out. My district manager also told me that I should have a coffee tasting prepared but I’ll be out of my own store, out of my district, and therefore out of my element. I’m honestly not trying to think about this at all – even as I write this.

Then after the interview I have a whole’s day work to think about how I did. Fun! Hopefully it won’t be too long after the interview takes place that Tracy or Sal will tell me that I did alright. Last time, for the assistant store manager position, it took until the next day.

And then when I get my new store? Will they save me for the next fiscal year or am I needed immediately? One store I would rather not go to: 100 Williams. Seems boring, out-of-the-way and to teeny tiny.


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